Become a Herbalife distributor

Why Herbalife?

Do you wish to create an independent income? Start your own business and grow fast, Herbalife Independent Distributors have changed their lives and the lives of countless others around the world by providing nutrition and skin care products and a direct selling income opportunity. You directly purchase for wholesale prices and can help many people with amazing products while growing your own business.


Become a Herbalife distributor

Herbalife offers:

  • Science-based nutritional products.
  • Impressing training and sales tools.
  • An established opportunity.
  • A competitive compensation plan.
  • And the chance to help others lead more active, fulfilling lives.

ThaiShake offers on top (free):

  • Social Media and website resources
  • Marketing consultation and expertise
  • Help with webhosting & website
  • Join Herbalife Team Healthy Friends (Bangkok/Pattaya & Online)
  • Future benefits will be added as we grow


To get started: purchase the starter kit which contains fantastic resources, Formula 1 Herbalife shake and membership registration code. You can purchase the starter kit directly at Herbalife when you register. Register the Online contract (EN) and sign up immediately!
Important information when you register:
  1. Country of residence: Your country
  2. Sponsors Herbalife ID number: 06447890
  3. First 3 letters of sponsors last name: VAN


If you sign up through ThaiShake we will dedicate ourselves to help you become successful. This includes access to the ThaiShake CEO, Online expert, online and offline resources, access to Herbalife Team HF Thailand and other successful Shop owners. No hidden agenda, no costs, we only care about your success.  


With Herbalife you can purchase products directly from Herbalife for wholesale prices. When you get started you receive a fantastic margin that grows as your business grows. There is a rewarding program for distributors to stimulate growth. At ThaiShake we are rewarded when your business is succesful and so will support you all the way.


As you grow and scale your business you can let others join the Herbalife program also. Similar to ThaiShake you help and educate new members. Any sale they will make in the future will result in a great bonus compensation for you. We have many members who don't even sell themselves anymore but dedicate themselves only on helping others be successful while earning a great income. The income potential is unlimited, worldwide members sell 4.5 billion per year, the market is very new and so it is an awesome opportunity!